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Utah Loan OfficerIt’s hard to imagine. But I never thought I would work in finance.

Ok, it’s not that hard to imagine, everyone knows it’s boring. Or is it? ;-)

I moved to the U.S. from Romania in 2008. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology (which I never used), and my work experience outside of mortgages has all been in customer service.

At a friend’s advice, I moved to Utah and got into the mortgage business in 2013. I had my licensing done, and naively thought I was in it for the American Dream – you know, helping people buy homes, white picket fences, unicorns..

It didn’t take me long to realize that mortgages were about one thing only: selling.

The numbers are all that matter. And that’s fine, business is business, one’s got to pay the bills! But what really bothered me was the wide spread ignorance, and general uncaring that was hurting borrowers.

  • The loan officers that didn’t know the guidelines.
  • The ones that put people in the wrong loan product, just so they get repeated business in a few years.
  • The loan officers that did nothing more than take the application, then pass it to their overworked and underpaid loan processor.
  • The ones that missed deadlines, causing people to lose their earnest money, or even their dream homes. 

So my website was born. And I switched jobs. A few times. Until I found Troy Warner’s First Class Home Mortgage and called it “home”. And it has been that way since March 2014.

I do what countless others do, just better.

What makes me different from a bank? (credit union, other mortgage companies) 

Low overhead costs, and the ability to pass on the savings.

A bank/credit union/mortgage company with a brick and mortar building has a lot of bills to pay. There is rent, payroll, utilities. There is all the expensive marketing, and the bonuses for the higher-ups. That cost is included in the product you’re buying, and the simple name recognition actually keeps people from shopping them around. 


As a broker, I work with wholesale lenders. I save them the hassle of having to build a brand and spend all the above money. They in turn, give me access to better interest rates. It’s a win-win. 

Of course, not all mortgage brokers pass on the same amount of savings. A good rule of thumb is to look at the size of the company, as it will be reflective of the price.The bigger the expenses, the higher your interest rate will be with them.


Why work with me?

I don’t loose paperwork, and I don’t miss deadlines. I keep everyone updated. And I work for a brokerage that allows me complete freedom of the process.

My files don’t wait in line on a processor’s desk, and I don’t need anyone’s permission to lock the interest rate. No really – that’s how bigger mortgage companies work, it drives me nuts. There was one instance in May 2013 when rates jumped from low 3s to the middle 4′s with about a 2 days notice. Lots of refinances fell through because one person didn’t lock all the loans when he should have.

I have full responsibility for getting things done, and I absolutely love it.

Yes, I am a bit of a control freak, which means my borrowers get to sleep a little better at night – even with all the stress of a new home purchase.


As for a glimpse of my personal life..

I enjoy listening to audiobooks, and training my dog.

I love traveling.

I keep myself learning in all areas, and push myself regularly to get out of my comfort zone. Ever took Flying Trapeze lessons? I did..  :lol:  

Maybe, just maybe.. I’ll somehow make a difference.

“Always refuse to be like the others. The more you become similar to the others, the more you will be useless. Because there are already plenty of the others”