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January 17, 2018 First Class Home Mortgage (NMLS 1843) | South Jordan, UT

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A home is a big investment. Before you go off spending your hard earned money, did you make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck? 

If you stumbled here after a Google search, most likely things are not going great with your current lender, or you’re possibly being charged too much. Don’t make a mistake that you have to live with for the life of your home loan. Whatever the reason, here you can either put your mind at ease, or dig yourself out of trouble.

Contact me for a mortgage second opinion if your current/prospective lender has:

  • get a second opinion on your mortgage lender

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    Denied your application, especially after an initial approval

Unless you just got fired from your job or stopped making your credit payments, you probably need an exception that  your current lender cannot make. As a broker, I have access to a number of different lenders who can better accommodate different borrower loan scenarios.

  • Provided you with a Loan Estimate of costs

You work hard for your money, and you want to make sure you are getting the best interest rate/loan pricing possible! I can usually save my borrowers anywhere from $1,000 -$2,500, and it only takes a few minutes to request a quote. Beats GEICO :)

  • Charged you a hefty application fee

Which interestingly seems to have affected the level of customer service you are receiving – not in a good way. Companies that charge application fees are usually over-priced and they know it , that’s why they try to get you commited. I can provide financing with significant savings to easily justify the move.

  • Already performed an appraisal on the property 

… But you are not happy with other aspects of the loan process. Good news: government loan appraisals are easily transferable, and many more lenders are now accepting Conventional appraisal transfers as well. No permission from your current lender needed – it will be more like an insensitive e-mail break-up.

  • Lied to you, wasted valuable time, and/or has given you the run around when you asked “inconvenient questions”

Borrower beware – best case scenario you are dealing with incompetence. If a purchase loan, it’s very likely you are being squeezed into an overpriced loan as your patience is thinning and the deadline closes in. Legally a loan can close in minimum 7 days – my personal record is 9 days. Watch me work my magic!


Whatever the reason, there is no need to settle for anything but the best, and there is no reason to feel stuck in a bad loan experience.

Ask for a Second Opinion. Call/text me anytime at (801) 473-3154, or e-mail me at 

Even better, apply now and get things done!

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